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Celebrate Pi Day with the Perfect Coffee Pairings!

Celebrate Pi Day with the Perfect Coffee Pairings!

 Today is Pi-Day, and we wanted to share some delicious pie ideas for with your coffee.

Happy Pi Day, fellow coffee enthusiasts! Today, we're not just celebrating the mathematical constant π (though it's pretty cool too), but we're also honoring another essential constant in our lives: coffee. Join us as we explore the delightful harmony between coffee and various pie flavors. Whether you're a fan of fruity pies, creamy custards, or rich chocolates, we've got the perfect coffee pairings to elevate your Pi Day festivities.

Coffee Pairings for Every Pie:

Fruity Pies:

If you're indulging in a fresh fruit pie bursting with flavors like apple, cherry, or berry, complement it with a light and fruity coffee. Opt for a bright and acidic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe or a floral Kenyan coffee to enhance the fruity notes of your pie.

For Pi Day, We're Highlighting This Delicious Fruit Pie to go with your coffee!

 Creamy Custard Pies:

Creamy pies like pumpkin, coconut cream, or lemon meringue call for a coffee with a smooth and velvety texture. Consider brewing a medium-bodied Colombian coffee or a classic French Roast for a perfect balance of richness and creaminess.

For Pi Day, We're Highlighting This Delicious Custard Pie to go with your coffee!

 Decadent Chocolate Pies:

Indulge your sweet tooth with a sinfully rich chocolate pie paired with an equally decadent coffee. Try a bold and robust espresso blend to complement the intense flavors of your chocolate dessert, or opt for a silky smooth Nicaraguan coffee to enhance its velvety texture.

For Pi Day, We're Highlighting This Delicious chocolate Pie to go with your coffee!

As you celebrate Pi Day today, remember that coffee and pie are the perfect companions, each enhancing the flavors of the other in delightful harmony. Whether you're enjoying a slice of pie on its own or pairing it with your favorite coffee brew, savor every moment of this delicious celebration.

Leave us a comment below, and let us know your favorite pi-day pie 😋


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  • As if I needed Pi Day as an excuse to eat pies lol

  • Nothing beats the combination of chocolate pie and coffee. And add raspberry to that chocolate pie and you’re in heaven :)


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