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Flavored Coffees

What Are Flavored Coffees?

Flavored Coffees are coffees with additional aromas added to it. This process is done via absorption by adding dried herbs and spices, such as cinnamon, to un-brewed coffee, allowing the beans to absorb the flavor. These added aromas and flavors are not native to the coffee bean and are added to enhance a bean’s natural flavor notes.

What Are The Tasting Notes For Flavored Coffees?

You'll notice that the description for Coffee Blends typically use broad descriptives such as nutty, fruity, citrus, etc. For Flavored Coffees, the terms used to describe the tasting notes are much more distinguishing words which is in line with the much more distinguishable flavors associated to the coffee. The coffee beans for Flavored Coffees are more oily, therefore resulting in more dominant flavors to break through the natural notes of the coffee. The taste remains constant from sip to swallow, and does not develop any opening or closing notes in the mouth like Single Origin or Coffee Blends do.

How to best enjoy Flavored Coffees?

The beautiful thing about Flavored Coffees is that you can select your favorite spices without having to add syrups or other products yourself. These versatile taste profiles can be enjoyed both with and without milk, depending on your preference. Flavored coffees are very popular with latte's and other milk-alternatives, both iced and hot!

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