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Elevate your coffee ritual with American Way Coffee! Our small business is dedicated to crafting premium, ethically sourced beans, roasted freshly when you place your order. Enjoy free & fast shipping on all orders, and know that your purchase supports local nonprofits.

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Learn all about coffee aromas & taste notes in this informative American Way Coffee blog post.

Unveiling the Language of Coffee Tasting Notes


Learn More About The Different Flavor Notes In Coffee With The American Way Coffee Blog,

Have you ever wondered about those intriguing tasting notes on coffee bags? "Orange peel," "dark chocolate," "white orchid" – what exactly do they signify? Contrary to popular belief, tasting notes aren't added flavors; they're innate to the coffee bean itself. But where do these flavors originate if they're not artificially infused into the beans?

Coffee's flavor complexity stems from its vast array of chemical compounds. With approximately 1,200 volatile compounds, coffee is one of the most chemically intricate substances we consume, even surpassing wine. Many of these compounds are present in the foods we eat and the scents we encounter, triggering similar responses in our brains when we experience them through coffee. For instance, our Medium-Dark Roast African Espresso contains ethyl-3-methylbutanoate, also found in blueberries, evoking a blueberry essence in the coffee.

Every stage of a coffee bean's journey influences its flavor profile. Factors such as altitude, soil mineral composition, and processing methods all contribute unique chemical compounds. Roasting, in particular, plays a pivotal role in unlocking these compounds, enhancing the bean's complexity and introducing sweetness and depth of flavor. Furthermore, brewing methods can alter flavor notes significantly, showcasing the versatility of a single coffee bean.

While chemical analysis can identify these compounds, true appreciation of coffee flavor comes from tasting. Our senses provide nuanced assessments that machines cannot replicate. This reliance on human perception underscores the importance of specialized tasters in evaluating coffee quality and defining flavor profiles.

Coffee quality assessment is crucial for both roasters and producers. Producers can command higher prices for superior-quality coffee, but achieving consensus on quality standards across a global industry is challenging.

To establish a common language for assessing coffee, standardized lexicons and flavor wheels have been developed. The impressive flavor wheel that's displayed on top of this page was created in collaboration with World Coffee Research, providing a universal framework for evaluating coffee quality and flavor profiles.

While taste is subjective, standardized flavor categories accommodate diverse sensory experiences. Whether you perceive fruity, floral, nutty, or spicy notes, the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel offers a comprehensive vocabulary for describing coffee flavor.

Ultimately, the intersection of objectivity and subjectivity in coffee tasting enhances our collective experience of this beloved beverage. Each sip tells a story, conveying the richness of human perception and the artistry of coffee crafting.

Explore the world of coffee flavor with American Way Coffee. Our meticulously crafted products are designed to delight your senses and elevate your coffee experience. You can find the taste notes for each of our coffees in the detailed product description. And of course, as always, if you have any questions, hopes, dreams or fears (all to do with coffee, of course!), then drop us a line and we'll be happy to assist.

Cheers to each delightful sip, where every drop tells a story of flavor and connection ☕

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