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Our Coffee Sample Packs are a fantastic choice for those who enjoy exploring a variety of coffees and seeking out new favorites. Carefully curated by our team of coffee experts, these collections feature some of the finest coffee selections from around the world.

Each pack includes 6 packets of 2oz. each, each packet providing enough coffee to make a pot of delicious brew. These sample packs are not only perfect for those looking to indulge in a diverse range of exceptional coffees, but they also make wonderful gifts for coffee lovers or anyone seeking a delightful introduction to our offerings. Experience the flavors of exotics coffees from across the globe with our Coffee Sample Packs.

Our 6 Best Sellers Sample Pack contains:

1 Package (2oz.) 6 Bean Blend Coffee
Roast: Dark roast
Description: House blend great for espresso. A meticulous blend of coffee from around the world.
Ingredients: Coffee
1 Package (2oz.) Cowboy Blend Coffee
Roast: Medium-dark roast
Description: A Delicious blend of medium & dark roasted coffee. Notes of cocoa, caramel & vanilla.
Ingredients: Coffee
1 Package (2oz.) Breakfast Blend Coffee
Roast: Medium roast
Description: American Way Coffee Breakfast Blend. Smooth blend of coffees from South America. 
Ingredients: Coffee
1 Package (2oz.) Peru Organic Single Origin Coffee
Roast: Medium roast
Description: A rich, balanced taste with notes of salty caramel, silky sweet & citrus.
Ingredients: Organic coffee
1 Package (2oz.) Mexico Organic Single Origin Coffee
Roast: Medium roast
Description: A delicate body with an acidity snap and very pleasant dryness, like a dry white wine. Notes of chocolate, cinnamon & green apple.
Ingredients: Organic coffee
1 Package (2oz.) Bali Blue Organic Single Origin Coffee
Roast: Medium-dark roast
Description: Our favorite roast with a delicious profile of dark chocolate, molasses & brown sugar.
Ingredients: Organic coffee

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